200g Natural Green Tea Loose Quality Tea GREAT VALUE – 2 x 100g


Green tea has invigorating and antioxidant effects. Helps in weight loss. It slows down the aging process of the body. Reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. It does not contain flavours, dyes, or other additives.

• Tea plants are not heat or chemically treated.

• It complies with European quality standards.

• Does not contain artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, or sweeteners.


Contributes to optimal relaxation.
Helps maintain a healthy sleep.
Contributes to decreased irritability.
Used to improve digestive comfort in case of temporary stress.

Areas of help

High blood pressure | Calming and relaxation| Heart | Irritable bowel| Peaceful sleep.
Comforting effect after each cup of tea consumed.

2 Packets (2 x 100g) - 200g
2 Packets (2 x 100g) - 200g
4 Packets (4 x 100g) - 400g
4 Packets (4 x 100g) - 400g
3 Packets (6 x 100g) - 600g
3 Packets (6 x 100g) - 600g
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